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Nope, that's not spaghetti... can you guess what it really is? I'm curious to see how many Vinglers have heard of this popular German dessert, Spaghettieis! It's actually... ice cream! With strawberry sauce and sprinkles that look like cheese. Weird, but it sounds pretty good!
Learning of this dessert made me want to find more weird desserts. Let's check them out!

Sweet Corn Ice Pops

I just can't imaging corn being a good flavor for a dessert. This has actual chunks of corn in it... so strange! Oddly enough, these are popular in countries like Mexico and South Korea... so maybe it has global appeal after all!

Sweet Corn, Take Two

But that sweet corn ice cream's got nothing on this one. Scroll through the pictures above to see what's hiding underneath that looks like actual corn! WTF?!?

Corn Cake Pops

What the... WHY is everyone so obsessed with corn-themed desserts?? I guess when you consider the craftsmanship, these are pretty impressive. But also, WHY did someone make these??

Corn Flavored Kit Kats

And finally... the mother lode. Corn flavored Kit Kats. THIS IS A REAL THING. I had heard of the cool green tea flavored Kit Kats available in other countries, but corn?!?! People are taking this corn obsession WAY TOO FAR.

Wasabi Ice Cream

I feel really sorry for all the people who mistook this for pistachio.

Fake Food Desserts

Okay, okay, very clever. But yet again, my question is: WHY do we need cupcakes that look like mashed potatoes?!? Just make them look like cupcakes, and I'll eat them gladly. Okay fine, maybe I'll eat them either way. But I won't be happy about it!!

Meat Cake

Speaking of dessert that looks like food, here's food that looks like dessert. A family favorite, the Meat Cake! Frosted with mashed potatoes, obviously. What frat bro discovered Pinterest and decided to make this?!?

Bacon Donut

Now THERE'S a meat dessert I can get behind. If that's a maple glaze, even better. Has anyone here ever tried a bacon dessert before? Sounds incredible!!


You don't even want to know what this one is. It's a Japanese dessert that combines a classic French madeleine with... tuna. Yep. This guy tried it and blogged about it – apparently NOT a winning combination.


Another Japanese pastry, this time modeled after a fish's severed head, and filled with red bean paste and – wait for it – bits of tuna. What could go wrong?? I know there's such a thing as cultural differences in taste, but I seriously wonder if anyone actually likes these.
And finally, to put the metaphorical cherry on top...

Breast Milk Ice Cream

Ohhhh boy. Who thought this was a good idea, and WHO is the target audience? Babies? Adults? Either way, there's no way this is a good idea. Blegh. Humans are not cows, people! The milk does NOT taste the same! Or at least, that's what my mom told me after breastfeeding three kids, and having to test the milk for temperature before giving it to us. Ew. You're gross, mom.
Okay, so I'm tagging @buddyesd, @InPlainSight, @shannonl5 and @danidee to share the weirdest dessert you've ever seen / heard of / found on the interwebs! This should be good (and gross) haha.

Which one of these would you try?

The first one had me scratching my head. The rest looked so gross to me. The last one. I think I vomited in my mouth a little.
OooohhhhEmmmmGeeee - It's Spaghetti Ice! I grew up in Trier, Germany - and this, my dessert-curious friend, was our weekend delight! We always had to go to the Eteka for some spaghetti ice. Lemon -flavored ice, covered in strawberries, a touch of grated white chocolate served with a wafer-cone atop. I'd give my right titanium heart-parts to be living in Trier again! Thanks so much for this post...makes me miss "home".
some of these look cool... others not so much
yooo i love those corn ice creams!!!
@buddyesd But elote is so delicious. :'( And I don't use sour cream in mine. Only just enough mayo to bind the queso fresco, a whole bunch of lime, chile, and a few dashes of Cholula. Because it's Cholula.
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