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New here!
Hey everyone!! My name is Brooke and obviously this is my first post so...I'm a bit nervous. . I'm a huge lover of Kpop, Kdrama, Video Games, Anime and Football. I'm from a very small town in South Georgia and there's really no one around who shares my interests. (Besides football of course) And I would love to meet some new people through here! Below I'll link some places where you can find me!! The first one is my Instagram @ohhhdezzy which also has my Xbox Live Gamertag and PSN. The second is my Tumblr! Thank you guys so much for reading! ❤️
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aw no 360 luv??
2 years ago·Reply
those eyes!
2 years ago·Reply
Welcome I'm new too congrats on finding this site. I was so excited when I found it. it's so cool how many like-minded people are on this site.
2 years ago·Reply
Don't worry we're all geeks here. Let the nerdyness flourish from within!
2 years ago·Reply
i bet everyones said it already but,damn you have some gorgeous eyes! #kawaii
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