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Can you tell Kaoru and Hikaru apart? When first watching OHHC I didn't know their was a difference but I finally figured out after a couple episodes!(:
@CleoHoney yeah! Then they got mad when Haruhi told them about certain differences between them lol
it was kind of messed up when they try to get people to tell them apart but at the same time, they just want someone to tell them apart and be treated a little different from each other
yeah it's easy. I don't even have to listen to their voices
I still have trouble telling them apart. How do you do it? @tyragallegos10 :)
Actually in the Manga it's even worst. because there's not actually supposed to be a different voice from them. they always switched their hair and stances. and would skillfully call each other the wrong names at the right times. No one could truly tell them apart except Haruhi
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