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I was totally inspired by @kpopandkimchi card talking about Underrated kpop groups and said why not top 5 Underrated songs! I challenge everyone to try and make one. Not only to spread the love but to also get a few new songs on my Playlist. Make sure to tag me so I can see!
1.) Rania - Just Go This song actually came out two years ago and it's amazing. Around this time Rania was going through some member changes, with some leaving back to their home countries and others becoming actresses if I'm not mistaken. You guys all have to take a listen. So I did some research and I'm really sad that Jooyi is possibly not in the group anymore. Like no! They lost such a powerful vocal. Also fun fact Jooyi was supposed to debut in 2NE1.
2.) EvoL - Get Up Now this group is probably also a group that's super Underrated. Like I don't get why because I feel like they have the entire package. If you don't know they are also created by Cho PD, who also created Block B and we know how great that went. But hopefully the same thing won't happen to them. So I highly suggest that all of you listen to them.
3.) GLAM - I Like That So we all know what happened to this group. One of the members tried to blackmail Lee Byunghun and I believe is currently serving s jail sentence. Which sucks because this song had made them famous. And I honestly feel so sad for the other members. Fun fact they were at the same company as Bangtan Boys.
4.) Wa$$up - Shut Up U Now I know some may not like them. But I'm a huge fan of Koreas twerk queens. From their first song to now. If you haven't heard their lady mini album you need to check it out. It's really really good and they all put so much work into it.
5.) Purfles - 1.2.3 I recently did a review on their new song A Bad Thing but I refuse to stop until these girls get the recognition they deserve. If you don't know they all consider themselves main vocals and their vocals are on point. Like perfection. Plus they don't have that many fans and they deserve it.
Now I'm super curious to see if anyone else has any Underrated songs they think we need to listen to. Let me know and don't forget to tag me!
@kpopandkimchi I love that song!
Wa$$up!!!!! I love those girls....twerking and all.
@PassTheSuga I love them. I'm actually sad Nada isn't on Unpretty Rapstar