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The European Court Justice just made a history ruling: That traveling to and from appointments by workers without a fixed office should be considered work. "Employers may have to organise work schedules to ensure workers' first and last appointments are close to their homes," he stated.
Jobs that fall under this: care workers, sales reps, etc.
This decision seemed from a few things:
Forcing workers to work under what the court called the "burden employer's choice.” Meaning that by not having regional locations, close to where these employees work, they are forced to travel where their boss says.
Also, the EU’s rate for minimal wage is extremely low right now. And many people are struggling to make ends meet. If you are spending an hour or so commuting every day to a place you didn’t get assigned until you were employed, that adds up.

Now, maybe those employed and running around will receive the compensation they deserve for their work.

Hahaha same @mchlyang! But I mean I’m not traveling and having appointments much, so I’m not too envious about it.
Wow I wish we had that here!