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Bengal Cats are not built like your typical domestic cat. They are bred with the Asian Leopard Cat - and they have an odd mixture of big-cat/wild cat and domestic traits.
They also exhibit a fair amount of "odd" behavioral traits - like hanging off of stuff like they were lounging around in the jungle in a tree.
One thing you'll notice almost immediately about them is their larger than normal paws and claws. They have big cat paws and they lumber about like a big cat does. It also helps that their back legs are much longer than their front. This gives them an odd gate when they walk... and they can explode into a full run in an amazing burst of power - they run low to the ground.
A bored Bengal is often a destructive Bengal - they have the equipment to do serious damage to anything fabric. And you'll note that in addition to the carpet on his cat-condo - he's also shredded the wood. Never put him on the other side of a door from something he wants. He'll tear the door apart - but not before destroying the carpet and flooring underneath it. This is why so many young Bengals end up in shelters for adoption. Zeph is a 20lbs - 3ft long - powerful - strong willed cat.
The great thing is that if you are not afraid of him and his massive razor sharp claws - or his bigger than normal fangs and wider than normal mouth (full of nasty sharp teeth), and you build a relationship of trust and nurturing... he's truly about the most affectionate cat I've ever known. And he's ULTRA - SUPER playful. He's a play machine.
But back to his huge paws - and long sharp - THICK claws - which are much more like a big cat's claws. Very wide and broad at the base; and long and curved into the perfect flesh tearing tool.
I call him "Clicker" because when he walks down the hall in my house, his claws "click" on the wood floors. None of my other cats do this. It's just him... and his big feet.
He could easily do serious damage to me if he was so inclined... but he's never once extended his claws when playing with me. He's never - EVER - and this is something that EVERY cat I've ever had does - put his teeth on my hand when playing to play bite. He's NEVER done this. Which actually is a very good thing.
He just wants to play - everything is a game to him. And he's a good sport. Never moody or irritable. And his curiosity knows no bounds. He'll grab at anything you put in front of him - to see what it is about. Like my camera... LOL.
At the end of the day he's simply the most amazing, beautiful, sweet, massive, idiotic (as in goofy and wants to play), cat I've ever met and I'm so hooked on Bengals. This is a cat that plays chase - will fetch anything your throw - talks to you (I know this guy is trying to communicate and say something - I only wish I could understand him). This is a cat that isn't into being held, but wants to always be touching you... a stretched out paw or his head on your arm, or him next to you. And weirdest thing of all - he's very much a cat of ritual. He likes a routine. And the night is not done until he lays next to me while I rub him and kiss the top of his head. EVERY NIGHT... it's the same thing. I totally adore this cat.
@JunkoXXX - Thank you! He's such an amazing companion. I'm so hooked on Bengals I can't even describe it. :D
This is adorable!!!