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Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist at City University of New York believes teleportation is scientifically possible. And scientists are getting closer and closer to figuring out.


"Quantum teleportation already exists [and] I think within a decade we will teleport the first molecule." he told reporters. Quantum teleportation is essentially sending the information of the exact state of an atom or photon to another location. The atom’s information is collected and disappears, and then the info can transmitted to another location, with the help of science devices! (Duh). Humans are only able to send atoms right now, but the next step is a molecule.

And the next step after that...

But this brings out some questions for me. If I am replicated through the air from one place to another, am I really the same person?

Wouldn’t I be a clone version of myself?

And if I am a clone version of myself, would I still have the same thoughts and feelings? Would I still enjoy Disney movies and eating plates of spaghetti?
But alas, maybe only my grandchildren will understand the trials of teleportation. And the benefits! To be travel that fast would be amazing.
If I had that ability, I would be on a beach right now. A big fancy beach with a yummy plate of spaghetti.

Where would you teleport?

This is way too complicated for me to understand....:(
It seems you are enforced citizen on that problem @Joshsmithokc! where would you suggest I get this sort of information to stay educated?
@nicolejb Well now, it's not your fault. There are powerful entities that have suppressed the information from the public, because they want to remain in power using the outdated, fossil fuel centric macro-economic system we have in place today.
uhh, hello? we've known about working technologies for "teleportation" for almost 100 years now. Google Dr. Steven Greer on YouTube.
I WANT THIS SO MUCH. Imagine not having to deal with rush hour traffic anymore! @mchlyang as long as I don't lose an arm along the way I don't care if I can't understand it!
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