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FELLOW VINGLERS!!! I NEED YOUR WRITING EXPERTISE!!! Okay, so there's this game that is going to be MASSIVE, and it's called Pokémon Go. I NEED to get a beta key to test it. Like... This. application is harder than writing a resume. I NEED to test this. So please, if you have any time at all, I need you to read this application and tell me what I need to fix and revise! This is a crisis!!! These two slides here are the Application questions by the way. They are good to read.
Hello, my name is Alexander, and I am a highly experienced beta tester. I enjoy testing, and devote most of my time to finding bugs and glitches in the games I test, which I hope will soon be "Pokémon Go". A long list made short of games I have beta tested include "Hadur", an Augmented/Alternate Reality Game in which users are required to "check in" to grid squares. Imagine a grid has been laid across the entire world, and you must try to capture as many grid squares as you can for your faction, while defending them from other factions. You also must capture grid squares from other factions. I have attempted to email the developer about glitches (such as being unable to view faction information, and having profile photos load improperly), however it appears that he had abandon the project in late 2012. Another game I have been a tester for is "PolyRace", a game where you race your craft through different maps, avoiding damage along the way. There were plenty of glitches to report, and the developers were very pleased with my report. A funny little game called "Tacopocalypse" was another game I was a beta tester for. Inspired by "Crazy Taxi", you must race around the city delivering tacos while causing as much chaos as possible. There's a volcano in the background that shoots fireballs into the street, and you must avoid being destroyed. Another (more notable) game I have tested is "Survarium". It might be comparable to "Call of Duty", with multiple game play modes such as "Capture the Flag" and "Death Match". As for how many hours I'd be able to play each week, it would most likely be at least 25 hours. I dedicate my time and effort to each game I beta test, and often try to use different tactics while in every battle, making it much more likely to catch bugs, and report them. Not only can I play a fair bit, and in different ways, but I can also travel a lot. For example, if there's a Pokémon only found in mountainous regions, it would be easy for me to take a weekend trip to the mountains. If there was a Pokémon that is exclusive to lakes and/or rivers, I can travel there too. There isn't a whole lot that I'm far away from. If I were to test Prism, I would be able to test it on the Game Boy Color, iOS (multiple versions), Android (multiple versions), and Windows (multiple versions). I have plenty of game systems, which includes the Original Game Boy, PS1, 2, and 3, N64, NES, and many more, as well as a fair few of the newer ones too, allowing me to test out games for a variety of systems. If I were to chose between Game Boy, a mobile emulator, or a desktop emulator, I'd most likely choose the Game Boy (I love older game systems).  A scenario in which I would need to report a glitch might look a little like this. I would go to capture a Pokémon, and the game crashes. This happens so often in games still in the beta stages, so it wouldn't be an odd scenario at all. I would most likely write up a report, and email it to the developers, however since you have a private data base, I would report it there. The report might look something like this. -Username: Alexander Beta -Data: September 10, 2015 -Stage: Mountain Biome  -Pokémon: Geodude -Issue: I was walking on the east mountain trail, and I stumbled across a Geodude, about halfway through the mountain trail. I tried to capture it immediately, however after a couple of seconds of having it in my Pokéball, the game crashed, and my screen want blank. -Analysis: I believe that there may be a missing line in the coding here or an issue of the sort, leading to the game crashing. This may not be the issue however, and I will leave it up to the developers to look through the coding on this particular Geodude. This is the first Geodude I have tried to capture, so it may be a bug with just this one, or perhaps every Geodude has the same bug. Please do look into this. -Severity: It depends if it is limited to just this one Geodude, or if it is every single one. If the bug is contained to just this one Geodude, then I would rate the severity as fairly low, however if it is every single Geodude, you will want to look into fixing this in the near future. I don't believe this bug is able to cause any real problems in the game, however it is always better to be safe than sorry.  Sincerely, Alexander Beta I've played many games where they throw players into situations that they aren't even close to being ready for, and games where the boss battles take days to complete at the player's current level. These games are never fun, and so I make sure to analyze every stage of the game very carefully. A report that I would write might look a little like this. -Username: Alexander Beta -Date: September 10, 2015 -Stage: Mountain Biome -Issue: The Mountain Stage is far too hard. It feels as though I've been bumped up from a level 3 to a level 5, without any stage in between. I ask that you lower the difficulty slightly, just enough so that it's still a challenge, but that is testers aren't getting completely beaten up out here. I find it would make the game much more enjoyable. -Severity: Though this isn't a massive issue that needs to be fixed right away, it still needs to be done, because a lot of us testers are stuck on this level, unable to go further in the game due to the sudden advance in the wild Pokémon's abilities. Sincerely, Alexander Beta So, to wrap it all up I suppose, I would be a very good tester for this game, because I am involved in more than one Augmented/Alternate Reality Game. I play "Ingress", the location based strategy game of capturing portals, and creating control fields. As you know, Niantic, Inc. (the creators of "Ingress") is cooperating with Nintendo Co., Ltd. and The Pokémon Company to develop "Pokémon Go". For this reason, I believe I would already have a good idea of what I'm doing, and would be able to get right into testing. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I was a beta tester for the Augmented/Alternate Reality Game called "Hadur", which was also a location based strategy game. With plenty of experience, I would be able to catch on quickly and get right down to finding the bugs. Thank you so much for your time, and I am so excited to have this opportunity. Please feel free to email me back with any question, comments, or concerns, and I will make sure I reply as soon as I get the chance. With high hopes,           Alexander Beta
Thank you DO LOOK much everyone, and I'm really sorry for wasting your time like this. I'm just reeaaaaaalllly freaked out!!! Thank you all a million!!!
I'm so excited for this game! I want 2016 to hurry up and come so I can see how all this will work. I just hope it turns out good.
I guess I should add that in the paragraph before the last one, I would stay away from saying "I suppose" and "I believe" it's just weak language - just say/do the thing. Also, don't say 'as you might know' because considering Niantic is cooperating with them, they definitely DO know. Just by saying you play Ingress, they will understand that you have at least a fundamental understanding of how a platform similar to it might work.
Thank you so much! (IKR! And the fact that it's Alternate Reality! So cool!!!)
@ButterflyBlu yeah it does sound like fun! 😉
@AlexanderBeta lol! Yeah there are scary posts like that I think my biggest concern would be that while I'm walking around looking for my pokemon and finally end up catching him is that I end up in a sketchy looking area and be like, I'm lost!! Also if certain pokemon are located in different locations like if I were to go to canada or anywhere outside the U.S. I would be roaming on my cell phone and can't catch or trade pokemon.
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