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Hey Vingle gamers!
We're back again with yet another installment of the Quick Question challenge! We've seen emotions running high and low and to the favorites and the most hated(s). Let's go a little more outside the box this time.
Today's question is:

What three videogame characters would you want on your team in the zombie apocalypse? (And don't make it easy by picking zombie game characters!)

Let's get creative with it!

Here's mine:

Spyro - The Legend of Spyro

Because who wouldn't want a dragon? Zombies are weak to fire, right? Well he's got a built-in flamethrower. Not to mention he can fly and has the scaly exterior he needs to resist terrible zombie bites.

War - Darksiders

War. War never changes. And that's good for me and my team, because that means (to me, anyway) that he can't be turned into a zombie! So he can go swinging that huge sword around fearlessly in the horde.

Soraka - League of Legends

Chances are that over the course of our survival efforts, the team and I would get wounded or tired. So really, we will need to have a healer. Who better than the child of the moon, Soraka? She'll keep us in good health for as long as the apocalypse might last.
Who'd be on your team? Comment or make a card and let us know!
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@FallenDeath I don't recognize Alita Battle Angel, but the helghast would definitely be good. you want to have a weapons expert. and Raiden would be killer too, with his insane agility and mostly-robotic body
Alita is another android character who was a game Tha they made an anime/ manga for her. She's like Raiden kind of @VinMcCarthy
@FallenDeath oh ok! that's cool. sounds like a solid team!
am I too late to do this?
@aimeeh not at all! I'm stoked to find out who your team would be.