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Happy Monday Marvel community!

So we've been talking a lot about Black Widow and how much we'd like to see her in her own movie... and I thought a poll might be fun! Who do you most want to see in their own movie? Your options are:


The hero with "a stick and a string from the Paleolithic era", Clint Barton is a little under-appreciated. Sure, he's not super fast or particularly strong, but he keeps up with the rest of the Avengers anyway, and he clearly cares very deeply. His film could be really great!

Black Widow

We talked a little bit about how cool a Black Widow movie would be, so if you're on the fence about this one you should check out this card. She's got an amazing backstory, and the actress who plays her does a stunning job. There's no reason the character couldn't hold her own in a solo film.


So, we already know we're getting another Spider-Man movie soon, but bear with me. Like Andrew Garfield said last week, it could be anyone behind that mask. Wouldn't it be awesome to see a solo movie with this hero played by someone else? Maybe Donald Glover (finally!).

But.... how do I vote?????


There are three comments below with your options. Hit the like button to vote for your favorite!

This poll is officially closed!

You can see the results here: Poll Results.
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Black Widow
Aaaaaaa @DominiqueEngome thank you for finally breaking the tie! Haha It was kind of driving me bananas XD
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