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A tragic day in American history.

Despite it being 14 years ago, I like to reflect on the day and think about all the men and women that lost their live on that day, and how it effected my country. I like to hear stories from friends and coworkers, and discuss feelings and emotions that went through their mind that day. I like to read stories about other people and how this day changed their world. I talk, I listen, I hug.
Where were you when it happened?
I lived in NJ at the time....and one of my friends uncle who was a fire fighter in NYC passed away that day....I still remember the memorial service we had at our school the next week
@mchlyang i am so sorry for your loss. I have had goosebumps all day today because its all i can think about. My dad worked in the world trade center, there was a building in the middle of the towers that he worked in and he decided to work over night a pull a double shift so luckily and thank god he came home just as it was happening.
@nicolejb I was at work and I saw the planes hit on a TV in the office, I thought it was some movie that was on....I had tickets to see a comedian that night, Billy was the most somber comedy stand up ever.
That sounds very somber @InPlainSight. I just remember being at home all day that day. Watching tv and hugging my mom
I'm sorry to hear about your friends uncle @mchlyang. Wow @lizarnone, I bet your family is so grateful!