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The new musician community is going to be full of original artists writing their own songs, but for a moment it would be fun to cover someone else's.
It's no secret that music builds on itself, and over time we find themes, instruments, lyrics and even melodies that we like and we recycle them, bringing their sound into a new century for new people to enjoy.
People say that history repeats itself, and I know from experience that it does.
Have you ever accidentally written something that has already been made into a song? It happens to me all the time.
So today, I want to encourage all of the musicians on the site to post a card with a link to them singing their favorite song. For the moment or forever, doesn't matter. Let's hear it! Nothing fancy, just a mic and your voice will do.

You can copy and paste the block below to enter the challenge and exchange your music with friends in the Music community. Happy singing!

Tess' Entry:

Don't Look Back Into The Sun, By The Libertines

Why is it your favorite?

It's a song about second chances and never having regrets. Even when everything's against you there's no excuse to look back. I think that's really important, especially during our early adult lives where nothing makes any sense.

Favorite lyric:

"Don't look back into the sun / Now you know that the time has come / and they said it would never come for you."

Favorite part of the music:

The guitar line. Hands down, it's one of the catchiest lines of all time. Genius. And so fun to hum and sing along to when you're doing your own version.

Where can we hear your version?


What do you want to work on for future covers?

I want to figure out how to engineer better on Pro Tools. Everything is essentially live, and though it's raw and real like the original, I like a bit of a glossier finish for my voice.
Who do you tag to participate?
I'm looking forward to hearing all of your beautiful voices! And if you know any more musicians on Vingle, invite them to our new community!
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