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Feel the burn with this easy, beginner-level dance workout!

Dance your way to a fitter, more sexy you by following along with Bipasha Basu. You guys loved my last dance fitness card, so I wanted to post another one – especially dedicated to @KDramaKPop1015, @shantalcamara, and everybody else who liked and clipped the last one! You guys are awesome, so keep rocking out :)
Here's the video above. It starts off a little slow, but rest assured, you WILL feel the burn! It ups the intensity little by little, until the latter half, which is gonna make you sweat. But embrace the work, because the harder you work today, the easier it'll be tomorrow! ;D
If you guys want to incorporate dancing into your workouts, you should check out Shaun T's CIZE! I heard some great reviews and his Insanity workouts are awesome!
@KDramaKPop1015 @shantalcamara No problem guys, I'll be right there with you! ;D I love the idea of practicing my dance moves while I get my sweat on... because then on Friday you can hit up the club!! ;D hahaha. @shantalcamara I feel you lol. Change doesn't happen in a day though – one little victory at a time! :)
thanks girl I may have been doing the other workout dance but I'm still with the junk food.
@allischaaff Thank you so much! I will use this wisely.
😂😂 yeah.