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This has been an on going question that I know I am beyond late answering. But here it goes loves!
Yes, my man Apcoplyse aka En Sabah Nur. He is considered to me the first mutant and a royal pain in the butt, like myself. His powers are unlimited! Apocalypse mutant born with a host of different superhuman abilities. He also "upgraded" himself with tech from other worlds. He can time travel, he can change is appearance, his limbs can turn into weapons, basically he has bad written all over him. And I can not forget he is a telepathic, telekinesis and a technopath also lol . He can go from being short to being extremely tall. He does what he wants when he wants!  
He can regenerate and continue to kick butt with this 4 horsemen. I choose him because he is the end all to whatever all is, I believe my buddy Wolverine might have a problem with that statement lol
You know his high five is an Ike Turner smack but we all can't be happy lol. But if I had to choice someone or thing from Marvel Apcoplyse is my man! (disclosure, none of this art work belongs to me, just enjoy looking at it :))
@LAVONYORK lol you were just upping the suspense :D
Because I was late lol
HOW DID I MISS THIS???? This is so awesome!!! :D