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Now listen up guys, I'm not easily creeped out. ..... But I can get creeped out by certain things, such as NAKED GIGANTIC PEOPLE RAMPAGING!
I know! I've been watching this anime over and over for a year! But I'm not used to seeing titans rampaging. So I don't any really good stories like the others do, but I could tell you my first nightmare right after I watched Shinjeki No Kyojin because of those titans. So at first, yaknow sleeping. Traveling with Peter Pan on aboard Dream Nation. Dropped off at SnK, so yada yada me being a cadet- boring. So fastfowards 2 hours or in SNK 2 yrs later, I'm ehh...but I'm decent. All of a sudden, just when I was in the mess hall-
Its not much of an detailed explanation,sorry @RosePark, but yeah....that's how I got my fear of titans. And really tall objects. Like that pushup bar in my gym.
@poojas XD TRUE
I walked in my sister watching like an episode and I asked her, "Why are you watching giant, creepy, nude men running around killing people?"
lol xD I feel you on this one all the titans are scary T.T
@NerukaWong Ahh, I need to catch up on Attack on Titan...I had to take a break cuz of school lol
OMG whenever I see that first gif I always think that titan is running yelling "TOO FAB FOR YOU" lolololol