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Leo hadn’t been home in weeks and honestly you missed having company around, you always felt a bit depressed when he wasn’t there since you were always at home alone, with the exception Of Hajoon, your gay best friend, being around to vent to. “ I don’t know man, sometimes when i’m alone I start thinking a bit too deep into my life and question who I really am. ” He gave you a look like you were crazy and shook his head. “ Wow..okay. You really need to get out more.” He took a sip of his tea and chuckled a bit. “ Hey ! I know! how about you and I go out at that one cafe that just opened up down the block from work, I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about it lately. Maybe that will take things of your mind for a bit, yeah?” he tilted his head and looked at you . You looked at him with a sudden change of expression. “ Yes! oh my god! i’ve been wanting to go forever!, I just didn’t want to go by myself because I felt like that would be weird!” He smiled at you brightly, just as excited “Sounds good then, tomorrow at 5?” You gave him the thumbs up as you drank your cup of tea. The following day was full of excitement for you, you were honestly really excited. Just being able to get out of the house made your day. “ Yo! come outside!” is what you received through a text. You grabbed your bag and wallet and walked out the door, heading down the apartment stairs and to the familiar car parked in the lot. When the two of you entered the cafe, everything was beautiful, extremely captivating. You guys walked around taking a good look at everything, from the little ponds inside the cafe, to  the paintings that hung on the wall. “ Oh hajoon! this is so beautiful!” you smiled looking up at the chandeliers. “Totally! I cant wait to take Ryu here some day. Maybe you and Leo could come here once he comes back home!” You sulked at the thought of Leo, missing him twice as much , wishing he was here to spend such an amazing day with you. “ Right….sorry” He apologized for bringing his name up. “ C'mon. let’s not let that ruin the fun!” The two of you ordered your drinks with a pastries chatting the afternoon away, eventually bringing up your guys’ Significant other in the conversation, oh you missed Leo so much. After the sun had finally set and things grew dark outside, you two decided it was finally time to go home. “ I know we just had coffee but would you like to have a cup of tea and continue our conversation?” He nodded and parked the car in your lot “ Of course!” He stepped outside and so did you. You walked up the stairs but couldn’t help but get the feeling you were being watched.  "God damn I cant see! “ he stood by your side and grabbed onto your shirt, making sure he wouldn’t trip and fall like last time. Your hand reached to the knob to unlock it , but before the key even made it to the slot the door flew open. Leo looked down at you with a colder expression than what he usually had. You looked up at him, your expression changing quickly into a brighter one. “Leo!” You rushed to him and gave him a hug, tightening your arms around his waist. Leo couldn’t take his gaze off of the other male that clung onto your shirt. “Oh! Leo, this Is Hajoon!” you motioned your hand to Hajoon and he bowed politely “ Hello! Its a pleasure to meet you!” Leo bowed politely and mumbled a quiet “hello”. Hajoon knew you needed all the time with him you could get.  ” Hey, I just remembered I had something important I needed to do for Uni. tomorrow! I’ll See you when I see you!“ He gave you a wink and waved goodbye to the two of you. You gave your full attention to Leo and smiled happily. ” I missed you so much !“ You cooed and leaned in to give him a kiss, but the kiss was plain, he didn’t kiss back for some reason. ” Leo what’s wrong?“ You tilted your head getting a really bad vibe from him. He didn’t really say much he just shook his head and walked over to the couch where he sat before you arrived home. “Leo, please don’t be that way! You’ve been gone too long to be acting this way with me. It’s not fair” He looked at you in silence and turned his direction to the T.V. “ Leo, you are really bad at hiding things from me, I mean the T.V isn’t even on. C'mon! that’s not cool!” You stood up and stood in front of him with your arms crossed over your chest. He stood up, his body towering over you. “ Oh really? And do you honestly think it’s fair for me to come home to my girlfriend who isn’t even here to greet me after three weeks of not seeing her. Not only that , When she comes home she brings another man clinging onto her shirt home? Do you think thats fair?!” In all your time of dating never had Leo yelled at you, this was a first and you didn’t really know how to react to that. “ Leo, he’s not what you’re thinking. Leo please listen to me …I’m sorry. ” He sat back down and covered his face with his hands, he could feel the anger build up inside of him. “ What is he to you? No, answer this for me, What am I to you?” Your facial expression changed from apologetic to upset in a matter of seconds. “ Wait are you seriously asking that question?” You scoffed and furrowed your brows in a perplexed way. “ What do you mean? Leo, He’s My best friend, he would never be anything you are to me! Leo, you’re my fucking boyfriend for crying out loud!” He stood up again , fists clenched against his sides, he looked so hurt at that moment, you really wanted to just hug him, but now wasn’t a good time. “ Really [Y/N]? Because it sure doesn’t feel like it! "  Hearing those words come out of his mouth angered you quickly. ” Are you blaming that on me” Leo! You’re never here, you never visit! We never spend time together since you’re always busy! And I do apologize that I hung out with a friend of mine when you suddenly wanted to surprise me with a visit! , But I mean you know, a simple text or call would’ve been nice. But no, you never call, or text, or Skype, or any of that with me. You don’t even respond to my messages when I send them to you! So I’m so sorry I’m making you feel neglected. Oh, and by the way, Hanjoon Is gay! I can’t believe you would think even for a second that I would ever cheat on you" You scoffed and walked away before you started crying, you always did when you got made, and you hated it. It always made you seem weak. Leo sighed realizing he was in the wrong. He followed you to your room and grabbed your hand gently. He pulled you onto the bed and sat down next to you. “ I’m sorry, for acting the way I did earlier. I really should have asked you first before making assumptions. ” He pulled your hand to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on the top of your hand. You couldn’t hold it in anymore, small tears escaped your eyes and rolled down your cheek. “ Sorry, sorry. I don’t know why I’m crying. ” You shook your head as he gently wiped the tears away. “ No i’m sorry. ” He whispered and pulled you in for a hug. “ I’ll make it up to you, Tomorrow let’s go to that cafe that just opened up. Sound good?” He kissed the top of your head and swayed from side to side." Sounds good.” WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE.
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