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[Featured Collection 1/28/13] "Long Distance Hiking" by happyrock
Live an adventurous life, go hiking! This week's featured collection is "Long Distance Hiking" curated by @happyrock http://www.vingle.net/collections/121873-Long-Distance-Hiking . This collection is about "Long distance trails, thru-hiking tips, and how-to videos to guide the long distance hiker." Thank you @happyrock for a useful and informative collection : )
Congrats on your feature @happyrock It's definitely a great collection to feature.
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@YinofYang , I'm curious what collections you follow that you would suggest to be featured hehe
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Thanks, so honored lol
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@soula81 I do have some in mind and I will definitely suggest them. Honestly, I keep forgetting to do that. (^^)
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