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hehehe my favorite are the cute gifs.
You guessed it! The funny one!
Nothing about EXO is sexier than D.O. singing these two songs. That much talent is H.O.T
And for a bonus........lol I'm fighting dirty with this one but I want my guys to win. FIGHTING!!!!!!!!
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Lol you shouldn't pick got7 bc I love got7 oppa Jackson take me pregnant Lol and you right they are still sexy lol
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@DeniseiaGardner I don't know much about them so I went to your page. That before and after card you have of Jackson. He is 3 alarm fire H.O.T.! I need to investigate got7 .LOL ! I only found K POP fandom 5 months ago and I don't know anyone that is a fan. So I have anyone to be like- hey check out this group or this group sucks. lol so it is trial and error as I go. I will definitely look into them now. lol!
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kk lol
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@DeniseiaGardner please tell me you didn't just cause me to end up with another group addiction?!
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maybe lol
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