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[TT] All the Psychos Passed

I am not easily creeped out.

At all.

I was married to a cop. I dealt with some heavy things day in, day out.
Maybe that is why the realities of life creeps my the f*** out...
Psycho-Pass is one of my favorite shows - anime or not. *shrug* Maybe that's a holdover from a cop's-wife-life.


(Is there a self help for that? I need it.)
I can stare down the ugly side of life. I've dealt with more than some people... than most people my age, ok?
And I confess. I might, MIGHT have a thing for Shinya Kougami. Come on... Can you blame a girl?
Smart? Check.
Driven? Check.
Caring? Check.
Sexy? Check.
Did I mention SMART?
So we've established that I have definitely enjoyed this show. Yes, indeed.
Why then, you ask, are we here? Because the one character moment that I have ever been completely dumbfounded - and wishing that I didn't live alone - by an anime was while watching Psycho-Pass.

Episode 14: Sweet Poison

WARNING: If you have not seen the anime, SPOILERS.
In this episode, we start to see the helmets that allow the criminals to walk the streets without being detected by street sweepers. The people who are wearing the helmets are most definitely in the danger zone, but the helmet hides all of their intentions.
The incident that most creeped me out was when this guy, wearing the helmet, starts following a woman in a red coat. She was apparently the object of his affection. Because she did not want him, he beat her to death, with a hammer to the face.
Yes, I know this kind of crap happens. Even this by itself isn't what made me feel all scrappy.

This is.

As this psychopath beat the woman to death, everyone on the street just stood there and watched. Some even filmed it with their phones. Not one person lifted a finger to help.
And I thought, "that's not a Freaking STRETCH." I could see that happening Right Now.
My blood ran cold.
WHO was the psycho here? The man beating the woman? Or all of the people standing around watching?
THAT is the anime character that creeps me the hell out, @RosePark.
My my...I thought the same watching this but then again psychopass is a psychological anime so Im not that surpriced but I understand what you mean. Good card~
Shinya. Indeed. And correct - smart is sexy. A good brain and bod. Brownie points. As for Psycho Pass in itself, I enjoyed this series a lot. I found myself actually rooting for the latent criminals who worked along-side the enforcers. At some point I was sort of pissed off that a persons life could be easily guided into categories without consideration for the individual; but I got over that quick enough. This show pretty much had me biting bullets trying not to scream. It was frustrating and thrilling. Thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless.
Lol I can't blame you, @vanemunos. He was a one episode character. That moment just really stuck in my mind. I love when the villain of a story is just as smart as the hero. That makes it all So much better, right? And Makishima was SO smart. The thing that really rubbed me the wrong way was that I found myself Agreeing with Makishima. I understood why he was angry, though I think he Definitely went about expressing it the wrong way. He was a brilliant character, absolutely. I think he was meant to speak to all of us, deeply, about what is wrong with our world today. I love to watch a game of cat and mouse, like that one, where you're not really sure who is going to win. <3
@ButterflyBlu Tbh I don't remember that specific criminal, I finished the anime about half a year ago, sorry XD But yeah, Makishima's way of speaking is amazing... >w<
@vanemunos yeah, that is one of the things I love about this show. I really had a lot to think about after every part of it. Oh, Makishima didn't creep me out. I thought he was freaking brilliant, honestly. I was intrigued with him when he used Shakespeare the way he did. Smh. No, he was incredible. One of the best "villains" EVER. The guy wearing the helmet in that episode was some random criminal. I'd have to look up the character's name. I think he was either the first or second person ever to test the helmet. (The first was the one who went into the pharmacy, right? Were they the same person?)
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