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I am starting this new segment that's called Anime Poll Friday {APF}. Every Friday I will be doing an anime poll on either anime shows, characters, female characters, male characters and maybe even characters weapons. Since this is the 1st Anime Poll Friday, I decided to do a classic anime show poll between two very popular animes.
Bleach is very popular because of it's action and Ichigo is pretty good looking. I've personally never watched either of these animes but heard good things about them. Ichigo has an awesome mask and Bleach has a lot of episodes just like Gintama.
Gintama is said to be very comedic and has a good amount of action as well. This show has a lot of episodes but not that much compared to One Piece but Gintama is still ongoing. If I had to choose between these two to watch, I would choose Gintama because it's closer to my kind of taste. Comment and let me know which one you like better Gintama or Bleach? Votes towards these animes will be done by Thursday. I will make another card on Thursday's as a response to show which show is more popular and more liked! @RosePark @poojas @DanRodriguez @VinMcCarthy @sherrysahar @Kamiamon @AimeeH @caitlind9898 @chandnip804 @AkiraCondry @BFP1916 @FrankilliMambo @VeronicaArtino @NerukaWong and anyone else that wants to vote in this Poll!
Like @poojas, I haven't watched either of these animes.. I'm going to say Bleach just because all of my friends are obsessed with it.
Well, I've been a fan of let's go with Bleach!, ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ both are wonderful tho
This is not a fair choice at all -_- But I would go with Bleach for the simple fact that I am in love with Ichigo lol
Having not watched either, I'd pick Bleach lol. What about you guys @Taijiotter @VinMcCarthy @FrankilliMambo @EllieDean?
bleaginta....yea....YEA! (Lol, count me for Bleach)
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