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Hello, my front suspension fork isn't working anymore because the lockout is broken. A new lock out will cost 160 Euro... My question is what should i do? repair it by buying a new lock out. Or is it better to buy a new suspension fork (better than Recon Silver TK) And which one?! I have a 26"inch front wheel and use the bike in the Forrest and sometimes for a little downhill session.
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you probably won't be able to repair the lockout yourself, unless you have the shock compression equipment at home. then your going to need to refill and reseal it. so if its affordable get it repaired at your local shop or order a new fork, which is probably more expensive but safer.
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@Greenevo Thanks. I've already experienced that it is impossible for me to repair :p So i will buy a new suspension.
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@dwightbruno no prob!
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