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Sushi can be a healthy treat or sabotage your weight loss goals. Making the right low calorie sushi choices is the key to keeping your figure intact while getting your omegas (from the fish). Sushi Do’ s : Go plain – the less excess fat you have in your roll via mayo, and avocado, the better. Plan – work your calorie choices out before hand. Research what you are going to eat before you even step in the door. Fill up on drinks such as water with lemon, and tea (no sugar added). If you need a soda, stick to one! Order Light Rice – Sounds crazy I know, but light rice on multiple rolls could save you hundreds of calories. Sushi Don’ts : Don’t eat fried rolls!!! Tempura rolls will spike the calorie count to over 500 with over 21 grams of fat. Avoid all rolls with the “california” title in them such as salmon California roll, tempura california rolls, etc. These are mixed with normal mayonnaise (not low fat), so they are packed with extra calories and with excess fat. Avoid ordering things “Spicy.” This spicy sauce is similar to the sauces used in the California Rolls. It’s basically MAYONNAISE!!!! Which is then mixed with hot sauce. Don’t eat tons of rolls packed full of avocado. This adds excess calories and fat. Hopefully our crash course in low calorie sushi choices was easy to follow and retain. I didn’t want to bombard you with unnecessary information. Feel free to use the “print” link if you and your buddies, co-workers or family LOVE to eat sushi. You will thank me when the scale and your inches start to drop based on your new choices! September 25, 2012, Posted by adreeza at 3:20 pm under Eat It, Today's Tip
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I always get my sushi without the mayo. There's just a fresher taste without it.