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Because you can shop and shop all you want but sometimes it's nice just to let yourself dream a bit. These bags would all elevate your schoolwear, but they're also all serious splurges. While I'm all about practical thinking when it comes to purchases, these bags are undeniably amazing and it can't hurt to fantasize about what they would do for your wardrobe.
Candamill's Truss Combo bag (available here) is nearly two grand, but the geometric and angular shape would stand out againts the drabbest of outfits. Plus, black does go with anything.
Imagine how much your look would be upgraded carrying your books in a felt tote like this Gräf and Lantz baby, available here.
This bright Alexander Wang shoulder bag (actually on sale here!) does for your outfit what a great pair of sneakers would, but in this case, you can also store all your stuff inside it.
Are you a super-serious down to business kind of lady? Or do you just want to project the image that you are? Then this briefcase from Faike (available here) is what you need (or need to be dreaming about with that hefty price tag).
If you've heard me wax poetic about fringe and liked what you saw, then it's time to get serious about a perfect fringed bag. This tote from Saint Laurent, which you can find here, is up to the job.