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Another day, another dollar.

Bartolo Colon did it again last night, pitching 6.2 innings and allowing just 2 runs. He broke his scoreless innings streak, but came up with a huge performance all the same and avoided a hangover for the team after their huge series sweep in Washington.
This is a total 'trap' series - right after three consecutive big, difficult wins in Washington, the Mets traveled to Atlanta to play the Braves.
The Braves could be the worst team in the league right now and have hardly won a game in the past month. But they're a division rival and that means they'd be playing for blood.

No matter for the Mets and Bartolo.

Colon is the King of Cool, as his veteran presence was huge on a night where the Mets were down their top three relievers (Clippard and Familia had both pitched three consecutive nights, and Robles traveled home for a family emergency). The Mets needed Colon to give them some length today to give the bullpen some much needed rest - the entire 'pen was nearly perfect all series in Washington - and Colon did just that.
He always seems to know exactly what is asked of him, and on a team full of young players, that's a huge attribute.
Juan Uribe and Kevin Plawecki collected 3 RBIs each for the Mets, and Colon even chipped in with one of his own! He's had a shockingly solid year at the plate and has now collected 8 hits and 4 RBIs on the season. For a player that many call the worst hitter in the entire game, that's pretty damn solid!

But, since we're on the subject of Colon's hitting...

Take a moment to enjoy this gem from earlier this season.
That's vintage Bartolo.
Getting it done all the same!!

#LGM !

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Hahaha I love seeing Colon play these days! His behind-the-back throw a week ago was just unbelievable!