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Instagram is the perfect place to live vicariously through some of your favorite people.

It's New York Fashion Week and that means Instragram will be filled with endless photos uploaded under the hashtag #NYFW. If you're wishing you could attend, but you're stuck at work replying to emails -- it's all good. Trust me. You can easily live vicariously through those who are slaying the runway and showing off their most fashionable pieces by following a few Instagram accounts in particular.
From your favorite models to the makeup artists secret techniques, there's a picture being uploaded right this second to their account. Click on your app and be sure to follow these five amazing beauty pages [see below] to stay up to date with the #NYFW scene -- just be careful not to get caught by your boss because once you start scrolling, it's not likely you will stop.
If you love a fly set of nails, it's only right to follow celebrity manicurist, Michelle Sanders. Not only does she post her amazing work year round, but she is working alongside Essie for fashion week to produce some fashion worthy nails. Be sure to follow her work for a bit of inspiration.
I'm pretty sure Kendall Jenner will be taking her talents to #NYFW, so keep a look out for some amazing posts and selfies of course. If you already follow Kylie, you might as well go ahead and follow Kendall as well.
MAC Cosmetics Instagram feed is filled with amazing products and makeup looks that you will be running to your mirror to recreate.
Deborah Lippmann is easily one of the best nail polish brands and celebrity manicurists in the beauty world. Follow her feed for amazing colors and posts that will brighten up your day -- and even make you spend a little money.
Nordstrom is literally where fashion and beauty enter the gates of heaven. The posts of makeup, fragrances and products alike will leave you drooling. If you're not following, you should probably go ahead and do so -- they are posting #NYFW pics as we speak.
Follow: @nordstrom

New York Fashion Week awaits you.

All you have to do is follow these amazing accounts to get your #NYFW fix.
Haha I bet Nordstrom is also good to follow during Christmas ;) can you say holiday specials? lol
yessssss!!!! it's the most wonderful time of the year, well besides Christmas of course lol but yeah Nordstrom has a pretty trend worthy ig. worth a follow! @nicolejb
NYFW! So exciting! Thanks for the insta account prep card. I wouldn’t have thought to follow Nordstrom instagram.
i cannot wait! the anticipation is too real :) @nicolejb