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When you are so in your own mind you forget there is a world surrounding you. *Forced evil laughing. "whoap..Maybe I shouldn't be doing this aloud here" Just started this last night but the first episode made me laugh so hard so, so far so good. Ps: Simulcast on Saturdays. Most recent episode, episode 10. Season complete at 13 episodes.
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It's so funny, actually you might dig this anime. I've only watched two episodes so far but it definitely has the comedy aspect fullfilled so far. Oh and thank you! I got a little crafty with it ;p @poojas
Hahahaha! I do that daily. >.<
ME TOO omgee @ButterflyBlu
Started this about a week ago and I love it! Super funny but deff has a good story plot. Can't wait for the last two ep.
Oh niiice I'm glad to hear it has a good storyline. I've only watched the first two ep. so I was sure but hoping it would be as good as it is funny soooo yayyy @BluBear07