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can we take a moment to appreciate how cute they are? {and Rap Mon's cake though}
we can tell Namjoon Oppa is a little too excited for a piece of that cake c; {and I need to do a hair appreciation card for him bc damn}
Taehyung oppa is a little sneaky and wanting to blow out them candles for himself.. Jimin Oppa is trying to fix a little candle malfunction.
everyone is looking happy for Namjoon's cute cake.. even Yoongi Oppa
the cake meets a violent end- at least it gets eaten by seven beautiful angels..
Can we appreciate how sexy Hoseok oppa is in that outfit? asdfghjkl;- they all looking cute though.
we finally get to see Jin who is matching Suga and V ^^ he is a cutie- Rap Mon's beautiful teeth, Jimin is appreciating the cake- Jungkookie and J-Hope can only be seen a bit :c I tried my best to get them all in a shot and this is the best I can do ^^ but they all look adorable don't they? Namjoon Oppa have a great birthday... Happy 22 ^^