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It's officially Friday and all you deserve some relaxation.

With that being said, you have a few more hours left on your job and all you can think about is what you will do once you get home. You were thinking date night, but you're in the mood to stay in. That's always a great option, especially when you have some amazing films to keep you company -- oh, and some amazing company.
No need to run to your nearest Red Box or spend money purchasing movies on demand. If you have Netflix [which I hope you do], these five romantic indie films [see below] will give you butterflies and a reason to spend your weekend laid up with the one you love.
Movie Pick #1: I Will Follow (2010)
Movie Pick : Still Mine (2012)
Movie Pick #3: In Your Eyes (2014)
Movie Pick #4: Elsa & Fred (2014)
Movie Pick #5: 6 Years (2015)

Let the weekend festivities commence.

Grab the tissues, grab your love and grab the popcorn.
@jordanhamilton Ahhh I love romantic indie films! Thanks for this list :) which one is your favorite??
yes im a huge indie film fan. no problem at all! and easily, i will follow :) @allischaaff
Wow I haven't seen any of them....thank you @jordanhamilton for the recommendation!
very very welcome. enjoy! @mchlyang