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Going out for a date in Korea is really easy. There is plenty of things to do for couples! Some restaurants offer couple menu, coffee shops gives discount if you go with your significant other and so on. What I enjoyed the most while being in Korea with my Korean boyfriend was buying couple clothes and visiting Namsan Tower and Ssamziegil in Insadong. Writing your wishes and hanging it/ locking it, is the cutest thing ever! Couple biking in Hangang River was also very nice! ~~ I should make a list for my top 10 dating places in Korea ^^~
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@BaekGunwoo haha I tried to do everything that I could possibly think of when I was there.
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that's cute
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That sounds perfect! Great wishes to you and your bf on your relationship 😊💕
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@annabelleimiri thank you!!! ❤
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pretty and awesomeee
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