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Lee Min Ho‘s presence is enough to paralyze the streets of Hong Kong. Lee Min ho recently flew over to Hong Kong to film a CF. As soon as he arrived, fans recognized his tall stature and handsome appearance and ran on over to catch a glimpse of this star. It soon created a snowball effect that caused a paralyzing effect on the streets of Hong Kong, almost completely stopping traffic. There was a limitation on video recordings and pictures because the staff of the CF did not want their commercial to be spoiled before its release. It must be a huge ego boost for Lee Min Ho knowing that just his presence has enough power to stall the streets of Hong Kong. Source: Naver 2012
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Minoz @sweetishgreen14 did this happen today?
hehehe. nope .i just find it interesting so i decided to share it...:))
I miss him a lot!!!!
oh hehehe (over excited me )
Amazingly popular everywhere he goes :)