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I love how tribal this rope wrapped container looks. The lid with the tassel top is really cute! i found this on Damask Love, online.

Supplies Needed:

Two paper mache cylinders (one medium sized, one large sized)
Assorted colors of embroidery floss
Hot glue gun
cotton cord (available at the fabric store)
Dark permanent marker pen
Craft glue
1. Wrap the cord around the entire cylinder
2. Use the hot glue gun to glue the cotton cord to the bottom of the cylinder
3. Wrap the cord around the entire cylinder
4. Secure the cord with a clip
5. Use the permanent marker to draw a pattern onto the cord
6. For my pattern, I went with southwestern diamonds and drew lines in several places onto the cord.
7. Unwrap the cord from the cylinder (though the end of the cord will remain attached to the cylinder where you hot glued it into place) Once unwrapped, use your lines as a guide and wrap embroidery floss over each line. Use a colored marker before unwrapping the cord so that you know what color to use on which pattern.
Note: Don’t wrap the embroidery floss tightly! This will shrink the diameter of the cord and distort the finished pattern.
8. Once you’ve finished adding embroidery floss to the cord, add craft glue directly to the cylinder.
9. Begin wrapping the cord around the cylinder again and you’ll begin to see your pattern come to life!
10. Once you’ve finished wrapping, use the hot glue gun to secure the end of the cord.
When you have something as cute as this, it just makes you want to tackle other projects. This also makes for a thoughtful gift for your mom or for a friend. For more diy projects you're going to love, click here.