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If you love tote bags and throw pillows, and such as much as I do, then you are going to die with how cute and easy this project is! Just looking at the picture is making me crush super heavy on this diy. Let's get started...

Supplies Needed:

a throw pillow (Ikea has some)
3 -4 yards of cotton rope (depends on how long you want the straps of your tote to be)
Four skeins of embroidery floss
Extra Large Eyelet Kit
Hot glue gun
1. Use scissors to open up one of the seams
2. Pull out all that pillow stuffing!
3. Use fabric glue to fold down the raw edges. Fold them over twice just to make sure they stay in place. Let the glue dry completely before moving to the next step.
4. Attach grommets to the top of the tote bag. You’ll just need to follow the instructions on the grommets, but basically you will cut a small hole in the tote then hammer the grommets into place.
5. Thread the rope through the grommets. Double the rope to create a thicker strap, but it’s totally up to you!
6. Fold the strap back onto itself and then use a hot glue gun to secure
7. Now use embroidery floss to add a pretty accent to the strap. Wrap and wrap and wrap until the embroidery floss was about 1″ wide, then you can use a snug knot and a dab of craft glue to keep the floss in place.
Easy peasy. You're going to have a ball with this one, I can just feel it. I want to know if you are going to make this one. If so, be sure to take pictures and share it with me on here! I'd love to see your projects as you make them and finish them! For more ideas for crafting, be sure to click here and follow.