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Good news sports fans: The Football season is officially upon us!

What better way to celebrate the season then by honoring one of the funniest football themed movies of all time in "The Waterboy!" The movie is full of clever football themed one-liners that will have you rolling out your seat in laughter.
Catch some of my favorite lines from Bobby Boucher below!

“Now that’s what I call high-quality H2O.”

First words of the film: It's clean, it's cold.. now that's what I call high quality H20. Immediately after he lets loose the line the quarterback drills him with a spiral to the head.
Instant classic, lol.

“Don’t smoke crack.”

Waterboy got an appearance from the greatest LB of all-time, and LT made his presence felt.
The scene was based around a silly monologue at LT's linebacker camp from Bobby Boucher. Dumbfounded by Bobby's lack of umm.. all things normal LT turns to the kids and says "which leads me to our next topic of discussion, don't smoke crack."

“If you’ll excuse me, ladies, I’m gonna go hang myself.”

Every star player has a main squeeze, but Momma Boucher did everything in her power to make sure that her baby boy stayed single.
On his girlfriends house visit, Miss Boucher dished numerous embrassing secrets about Bobby, but none shook Vicki.. that was until she was exposed to his MASSIVE bed-wetting issue.. and the sheet?? My god.
That one-liner delivered by Bobby was one of the funniest by Sandler ever.

“Water sucks. Gatorade is better.”

Bobby was energized on the field from "angry thoughts." Anyone who knew Bobby knew his love for water. With the season on the line, the coach delivers a timely one liner to fuel Bobby, who makes a season defining play.

“You can do it.”

While Rob Schieder is a pretty good actor, only a fool would say that this wasn't a pivotal moment is his career. This opened the door for numerous appearances in Sandler movies and a couple star roles solo.
this movie defines classic!
ADAM SANDLER MOVIES USED TO BE SO GOOD. WHAT HAPPENED!? Also @buddyesd, I see you in that last video lol.
Totally agree with @jeff4122. this movie is a classic. also, a movie pick-me-up! I feel pumped and ready to do anything after I watch it! haha
@danidee I just think he's had a poor selection in movies in the past couple of years.. plus the majority of the good comedies have gone to Rogen or Jonah Hill.. with that being said his role in the serious movie "Reign On Me" was impressive
@buddyesd Foozball's tha devil too.
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