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This is a cute 2-in-1 project. The first step is how to make leather fringe. The second step is how to take that fringe and turn it into 2-tone tassels. If you love the idea of making tassels yourself, instead of buying them, then you think like me and we're on the same track!
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Supplies Needed:

Two 8×10 pieces of leather
Leather Cement
cutting mat
rotary cutter
1. Use the rotary cutter and cutting mat to trim one piece of leather to 4″ x 10″ (using the magnetic ruler and mat comes in super handy for this!)
2. On the back of the leather, draw a line 1″ from the side
3. Now use the ruler to draw lines 1/8″ apart
4. Use those lines to help cut the fringe. Eventually, you will be able to free-hand this over time.
5. Place the ruler 1/8″ from the side and use rotary cutter
This will create a long thin strip of leather for the loop of your tassel
6. Use the stapler to staple the loop into place
7. Run a thin bead of glue as shown – but do not go all the way to the end of the leather piece
8. Begin rolling tightly- as you roll, the glue will be pushed along and you won’t need to add glue toward the end
9. Cut another strip of leather that is 2.5″ x 10″
10. Repeat steps to create fringe
11. Apply glue to the leather and wrap around the large tassel
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