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Flats are just sorta my thing. My everyday shoe. Something to wear that easy and uncomplicated. You know...flats! They're comfortable and go with just about everything that I own! And now that emojis are a thing, like when I showed you how to add them to your nails. you can add them to your flats!
You can see the emoji nail tutorial here. But let's get started:

Supplies Needed:

Emoji shapes and circles cut from tooling leather using the Cricut Explore (click the link to grab the cutting file for this project, then set your machine to the “Leather -Heavy” custom setting)
Yellow glitter
Red, tan and yellow acrylic paints
Foam brushes
Glitter glue
You will also need:
shoe clips
1. Paint the emoji faces with yellow acrylic glue
2. Paint the circles half red and half tan as shown
3. Brush glitter bond glue on to the emoji faces then sprinkle with yellow glitter
4. Adhere the faces on top of the circles as shown. The glitter bond will actually work just fine for adhering the two pieces of leather to each other.
5. Adhere the shoe clips. The glitter bond will work great for this too!
Now, can you imagine making a bunch of these with different moods?! If you make some with other emoji faces, then you have to let me know how it turned out! Click here for more cute projects for Fall!