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One day I found myself looking for anime jams on YouTube and came across a cover song for Every Heart from Inuyasha. It was turned into a pop punk song which I was totally down with. Liking the song I went to check out their other covers and saw three band names. Two stuck out to me, BigBang and Girls Generation so I went to check out their actual material.
The first was Gee which was a cute girly high energy song I could jam to the car and just act super cutsy pie with the bf with.
And then there was Big Bang. Monster was the first song I listened to ever. It made me laugh when I heard T.O.P.s deep voice and for other reasons too but I loved the lyrics and music. It gave me a super european house vibe I could get it with. (I like their pop hip hop r&b stuff waaaay better though) And then a week if the universe had pulled me in at the right place at the right time...the two first mvs came out for the MADE album. Loser and Bae...the rest is history.
Kpop has that effect lol. And I love TOP's voice too! He's my Kpop bias XD
Truuuuu. I can testify to that! I feel you I love a deep rich rapping voice. I was shocked when I heard him. The voice didn't match the face I was like whaaaa haha. I can see why he is your bias ^.^ I love all the members. They all bring something different to the group and table. It's very diverse and just daebak! I don't even know what my bias is. I like so many different things. @poojas