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The epic TV Series Friends might have ended over a decade ago, but their die hard fans will never stop obsessing, loving, and re-watching this nearly cult favorite.
Now, I never really watched friends until my college roommate would play the DVD's every chance she got so.....I may have been a few years late but I did end up seeing almost all of the episodes.
Of course my favorite character was Phoebe. She is crazy, weird, hysterical, and sometimes she just doesn't fit in with her friends...but they love her anyway!
Which is why Gareth Stranks theory of how the series should have ended is both parts disturbing and heart wrenching.
Prepare yourself.
Thats some heavy shit right? And it was all created over some Sunday dinner and chatting with friends!
Friends fans across the world are totally freaking out about it and rightfully so, because the entire show would then just be fake. Well a fake within a fake. You know what I mean.

What do you think about this alternative ending?

Because personally I love dark plot twists, but I am also a sucker for happy endings and it seems like that would have been a punch in the face to every fan who watched religiously for years.
Kind of like the How I Met Your Mother I right?
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WHAT?! I can’t even handle this. Phoebe is my absolute favorite...and I think she still has some sense in her...