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Vlad TV has been known for his authentic and edgy interviews over the past decade in hip-hop.

The famed director kept the ball rolling this week during a promising interview with famed producer Just Blaze. The Roc-Nation rep shocked the world with details on the Jay Electronica album.
According to Blaze, Jay Elect is nearly done his debut album, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn). Just also mentioned he listens to it a regular.
"I have a pretty-nearly finished version of it in my phone.” said Blaze.

How long are we going to let Jay Electronica hold the rap world hostage with this album??

Act II was promised to fans several years in a row beginning in 2009, but the New Orleans native has yet to confirm a release date.

"I don’t know what he’s gonna do with it,” Just goes on. “I mean, listen, he’s chilling out in London. He’s doing well. Jay’s life philosophy is, ‘My train is running on schedule.’”

As bad as we want to hear the album, it may be time to move on. He feels no pressure to release the album, and maybe it's best we move on as fans on his music as well. Six years in between a full body of work in rap music in unreal.
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