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The Roc & Kanye West was a match made in heaven, but according to Mikkey Halsted, another big label came in and tried to swoop West away from HOV.
During an interview with DJ Booth, Halsted shed some light on West’s monologue at the end of The College Dropout and, in the process let loose details that Cash Money tried to sign West.
According to Halsted, when Cash Money came through Chicago on tour near the turn of the century, Baby extended an offer to sign West and his roster of artists to Cash Money to form the company's midwest arm.

Can you believe it, West teamed with Lil Wayne instead of HOV?

Despite a solid offer, Kanye balked, feeling that Cash Money was “too street” and that he would fit better at Roc-A-Fella.

This leaves room for a couple pretty cool what-ifs:
-If Kanye signs to C.Money, then we don't get Jay-Z "The Blueprint." Does that hurt the legacy of HOV?

-If Kanye signs to Cash Money, then he teams with Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne down the line. If so, would they be the most powerful entity in hip-hop history?

The world will never know.