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My friends say I pass as a kpop boy when I wear my wig.
I'm naturally freckled and hella ginger so I would have to cover my freckles hardcore. Idk. But today was my kpop inspired makeup.
That doesn't look like a wig at all! I'm envious of your complexion! Did you use any foundation?
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@cindystran I used an app to smooth my face up lol. I have too many freckles to be flawless
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@AdiaJasinski I couldn't tell. Anyways, you should not feel insecure about freckles though. I personally think freckles are awesome. :)
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@cindystran TAKE THEM YOU CAN HAVE THEM. *throws them at you*
2 years ago·Reply
@AdiaJasinski *trying to catch it*
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