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So since I never post about it I would like to take the time to appreciate my 1st love.This man right here was the 1st korean artist to make me fall head over heels.[ Yes way before I got into his beautiful music I loved okasian (still do) keith ape, b-free and the rest of the cohorts i was into Korean hiphop way before anything else] And again yes I love GDragon and exo was my first kpop group but this man right here really got me into kpop (I guess thats what his music would be considered or kr&b?).Zion.t is seriously my favorite artist and all time favorite male singer. He is soo talented and his songs are beyond beautiful. If you ever feel down or upset or even happy listen to his music because it truly will put you in a better mood. idk what id do without him but hes seriously an amazing soul♡♥
just look how perfect he is! with his glasses he looks gorgeous and mysterious
And seriously he goes from gorgeously mysterious to literally the cutest human bean ever♡and I love his braces just too much!
crush is me....
now so I dont make this too long here are some of my all time favorite songs of his even though I love them all lol 1st and probably my fave is Yangwha bridge♡♥this song is so beautiful and he has the most unique voice ever
Next is JUST w/CRUSH I love this song soo much I love the other one but its basically a tie if your gonna listen to anything listen to this one its perfect.
next is EAT I could seriously listening to this one all day♡
last is the extremely catchy and amazing son Gaekos-no make up ft zion.t this song is definitely top on my list♡♥ sorry this was so long please enjoy the beautiful angel that is ZION.T
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yaaas cause zion.t is what's up!! you got it you got it