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Micheal Moore is in the midst of a press run to support his new documentary, Where to Invade Next? The film’s subject matter deals with the United States’ reputation abroad in the context of international relations.
Moore linked with Entertainment Weekly for an interview to discuss the film, but the conversation swayed towards Donald Trump. Rather then push the conversation back towards his film, Moore took a couple shots a Trump during the interview.
When asked why Trump is leading in the polls, Moore gave replied “See, I think people love batsh*t crazy. I think that that’s just us loving entertainment. You know, Stephen Colbert did that character. He was playing batsh*t crazy Bill O’Reilly. This is actually Trump. This is not performance art.”
Twitter (or trumps social media trolls) caught wind of the comment and proceeded to bash Moore for his comment.

"When Michael Moore calls Donald Trump "bat-sh*t crazy" that's the pot calling the kettle black for sure!!!" said one person on twitter.

"Not siding with Donald Trump, but did Michael Moore–the original loon–actually call Donald bat-shit crazy? Lol dude, please look in a mirror," said another person on social media.

Moore may have some valid points, but do you think he was the proper person to speak on the Trump issue? Fellow Vinglers, you decide.

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I don't care who says it.....Donald Trump is an idiot and anyone has the right to call him "bat-sh*t crazy" because he is bat-sh*t crazy