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Jimmy Fallon Had The Mother Of All Lip Sync Battles With Ellen DeGeneres

Lord knows I am a huge fan of the Jimmy Fallon show, but how could anyone not be? The show is AMAZING!

Last night we got another great segment from Fallon, as he linked with Ellen DeGeneres to conduct a Lip Sync Battle for the ages.
Fallon was up first, and he let loose performances of The Killers and Silento’s “Watch Me Whip.” A classic and a buzzing hot song for the youth. Strong set of songs for sure.
Ellen didn't leave any room for error though captivating the audience with a moving rendition of Diana Ross’ “Do You Know Where You’re Going To” and Rihanna’s “B*tch Better Have My Money.”
Late Night TV Gold.
I couldn't help but bust out laughing during this lip sync battle.
Ellen is fearless on the stage in moments like this. She truly has a gift. I can't wait to see them crank out a rematch in the near future!
loved that. lol
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wow..I love them both. I'm sensing you're a huge Jimmy Fallon fan? @christianmordi
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@mchlyang #InFallonWeTrust lol
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it was awqesome-!
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