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As far as feels go... This song is one of my top five. I'll let Cam and his lyrics show why. Genre: Spoken word Song: Nicole Artist: Hotel Books
I think I’m losing you, but I will never regret choosing you, because I am in love and for now that will be enough. And the ones around me convinced me that I was the only person who was dumb enough to believe that you and I had hope, but now I know, even after you began to let your emotions slow, the only reason I stood alone was because I was the only one who knew our love was never going to let go. Everyone wanted me to see that we could no thrive, so gouge out my eyes because if this is reality then I guess I’m not alive, because I don’t know a life in where I can’t make things right.  And when life teaches you to drive and you finally say goodbye and you won’t let me stand by your side,   Ill know that though some feelings are hurt, none will have died, because I used to stay up at night and picture myself looking into your eyes shouting as you would sigh. “How dare you think you can fall asleep with water dripping from the kitchen sink?? How dare you think you can fall asleep with all these little leaks in this home we built in our dreams?" A picture is worth a thousand words or whatever people say to me. It’s hard to believe when your mind is lost and in need, and all you can picture is a memory inside of someone else’s sheets. A prayer that nothing will keep,  a hope that light will seek before the dark sinks too deep, or at least the sinking feeling inside of me will decrease when the release of perceived dreams burn in the flame of feeling free, so feel free to be free if that’s what you need.  And if someday you feel alone and everything caves in when you try to breathe, know that you are not alone as far as I can see, because you were everything to me.  Through this I have realized that if I were God we would have all just died, because darling you were mine and now I feel so dead inside. And what good am I if all I can create is a projection of my own mind? A dream of finding time to remind you that I’m still here and I’m not fine.... And darling if you’re going to leave just remember who you are and do what you can to remember me. Maybe someday we can talk about our past and we can talk about the weather. Whenever you leave I don’t care what I’m remembered for, I just want to be remembered, because even if I failed you at least I tried and maybe our lives don’t add up now, but someday our graves will look the same when we both die. And if I had a chance I’d give you one last kiss and I’d bite down on your lip and I’d try to puncture it so you’ll never forget that time, but you’ll always regret.  And darling I know sometimes life will take a turn for the worst and sometimes life will even hurt.  And I know some days, some days you’ll be afraid of the lessons you’ll have to learn. And some days you’ll even feel burned. And I want to let you know that I want to love you through them.... But I always get what I deserve.
@ButterflyBlu I've spent a good 10 hours since you've posted this, trying to figure out how to respond, but I'm quite horrible with these things lol Um... I suppose I should thank you. I appreciate your recognition and appreciation of my personality. It seems like only people older than me find it to be a positive. People my age are too into superficiality and just want to party and the like. My best friend, who is 27, told me something quite similar in the first month we started talking. I think I'm supposed to end up with somebody 5-10 years older than me haha My friendships with them are a lot better than with any of these 20 year Olds.
Ok, now this is Not behaving. Lol. :P You're caring, funny, handsome, intelligent, and have great musical taste. You're sarcastic and snarky, which requires wit, you know. From past conversations, I know you're not one of those scummy types with, er... horrid morals. (You even called yourself old-fashioned, remember.) You went out of your way to make me feel better when I was feeling really crappy recently, (a lot of guys wouldn't even touch that situation) which tells me that you're sympathetic to others. You're very insightful and a Great writer. And with it all, you seem to be humble and down to earth, not even realizing how fantastic a guy you really are, mister. Not to mention, you have great hair. ^.^ So don't Even give me that "short list" nonsense.
@Arellano1052 lol good job behaving. :P Firstly, everyone is special in some way. Don't make me make a list. -.- But I do understand what you're saying. I just feel his pain... too much sometimes. I think maybe that's what you're saying. I think we've all been here at some point, yeah? By all means, please keep giving appreciation. I've been listening to Rory Rodriquez since you introduced me to him. Don't stop now! ^.^ I always need more music.
@ButterflyBlu No, ma'am haha just...I don't know. I love this kind of stuff. And I'm not really a special, extravagant person, which means that there are a lot of other people who enjoy this bittersweet pain too. I guess I'm just giving appreciation to a band whose words have repeatedly resonated through my mind by spreading them about, as well as trying to find the individuals who can relate lol
Are you trying to kill me? Ugggh. Brilliant, really...poetic...
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