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My 1st anime game! Thanks to @poojas for the idea!
Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyoya, Hikaru & Kaoru, Honey, Mori 1. Shag 2. Marry 3. Kill 4. Stalk 5. Have kids with (Baby Appa) 6. Best Friend
1. Shag Hikaru & Kaoru! They are a package deal and I want a subscription >.< 2. Marry Tamaki, Who doesn't want to marry a prince! 3. Kill Haruhi, sorry dear but I can't take the competition for Tamaki 4. Stalk Kyoya, he is up to some interesting things I'm sure. 5. Have kids with Mori, he takes good care if Honey so he'll be a great dad! 6. Best Friend Honey! We can eat cake and play!!

Who do you choose?!

Which anime should I do next?!
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Stalk Mori Have Kids With Kyoya - he'd be really pragmatic as a parent. Be Best friends with Kaoru and Hikaru! Then I get two bffs!
@VinMcCarthy They would be great besties!
A favorite anime, so why choose.
I wanna watch this
1. Shag Mori 2. Marry Kyoya 3. Kill Tamaki 4. Stalk Haruhi 5.Kids with Hikaru&Kaoru 6. BFF Honey