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Soo I started listening to Seventeen, I heard about them from a friend. & I saw pictures & thought they were adorable so I thought it can't do any harm just checking them out. BUT THEN. . . . .
I SAW THIS LITTLE SHIT HEAD LIKE HOW DARE HE BE SO CUTEE !!! I've always had a thing for guys with long hair so this just like so cutee I thought it can't get any worse right? ? WRONG !!
THEN LOOK AT HIM WITH HIS HAIR UP ! thanks to him I'm fangirling so much & my mom thinks I've finally lost it. . . . .
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haha I could imagine myself doing that to xp but how could we not they will still be beautiful. and the song was really good, I remember I heard it and I was I love this a big bonus is there is a lot of insanely adorably guys dancing to it
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@Sarahwifi I know the only problem I have now is learning their names.
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haha I know right.
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where's the maknae?
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they're so cute
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