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Guys, I need help!!
So if you look closely, those are the albums I want for Christmas and my birthday (like 1-2 weeks apart) along with BTS upcoming album which is a must! How can I convince my mom to let me order them?! I begged her to let me order EXO's 'EXODUS' and Jung Yonghwa's 'One Fine Day' (I do own them now). BUT! She told me that she won't let me order anymore cuz they're expensive. I think they should appreciate that I'm not asking for a $30,000-40,000 car or $800+ phone like every single friend of mine wants. I really want this like sooo bad!!! It would make me happier than getting a guitar that I wanted like 6 years ago, but I received it last year when I asked for K-Pop -_-
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@amobigbang basically and I've applied everywhere but nothing
2 years ago·Reply
did u try the local library? Maybe you could help out a family member...grandma....aunt...uncle? I know finding a job can be challenging @KpopGaby. I wish you the best of luck.
2 years ago·Reply
@amobigbang Most of my family barely have money for themselves so they're excluded but I guess I'll just do what my economics teacher told us. To sell chocolates
2 years ago·Reply
@KpopGaby Well fall is coming up. Cookies and candles too.
2 years ago·Reply