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so for everyone that knows what has happened to me the past few days, I am making a update. I told my bosses wife how they made me feel when they call me fat, lazy ect... I told her "boss can I speak to you please in the back?" so when we were alone I told her "I have to tell you about how you and your husband have been making me feel lately. I know you guys think yall are joking when yall are calling me fat, lazy ect.. but it actually hurts my feels, I don't think it's funny at all because I was bullied in high school for it, so I was hoping that you would stop, because it has made me not like coming into work."
she herself told me she was sorry, but she can't speak for her husband so I have to talk to him next about how I feel. and if he doesn't comment on it call her and she will talk to him. but I have to wait till Monday to talk to him. it went a lot better then I thought, I was expecting her to say something along the lines as "we are only joking don't take it so serious." but she seemed to respect me enough to say she will stop. I just hope the husband will be the same since he is the one who does it the most. so I will update you guys what happens with him.
so I want to thank everyone who commented and told me such positive things, honestly if I didn't at least put it on here I would have still been holding it in my feelings about work. it really feels good knowing that I don't know you guys personally but that yall were still welling to help me when I felt down. thank you guys so much ^^
I'm glad it went well. I'm sure Monday will too. Hwighting
@SarahHawkins thank you so much ^^