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KFC posted an image onto Facebook that received a lot of negative attention and people are calling it racist.
The image has what appears to be a black man with missing teeth, a bone in his hair, and rags for clothes. The black man reveals his love to this piece of chicken, telling it "Te amo" (I love you. People on the internet, especially on Twitter were outraged by the Facebook post.

This is What KFC in Peru Had to Say:

The post "was intended to be a light, humorous cartoon, but we understand that people may have been offended by this. This was in no way intentional, and we truly apologize for any hurt this may have caused." (Huffington Post)
The image has since been taken down by KFC Peru.
What do you think about this image? Was it racist? Tasteless? Not a big deal?
some people shouldn be allowed to be marketers...
Lmao! silly wabbit!
Albert Einstein said: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." @alywoah I truly hope they have. :)
Hopefully they have learned from their mistake. @Butterflyblu
Ignorance. Smh.
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