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Titles: Romance of Their Own, Temptation of Wolves (2004), The Seduction of Wolves, Wolf's Seduction Genres: Action, Drama, Romance Cast: Jo Han-sun ... Ban Hae-won Lee Chung-ah ... Jung Han-kyeong Kang Dong-won ... Jung Tae-sung Description: Tae-sung is a carefree guy who seems to love getting into trouble, as well as fights. He?s the leader of his school, and is the rival of Hea-won, who?s the leader of his own school - a bit of a playboy, hot-headed and a rich boy. Then there?s Han-kyung, a girl with not a lot going for her - her father just passed away and she moved back with her mother, the guy she liked is dating her old friend , and then she meets Hea-won, who goes to her school, and Tae-sung, who calls her ?nuna? (older sister). Meanwhile, Hea-won falls for her, and takes her as his boyfriend. But she is torn between her boyfriend and her Tae-Sung, who confesses her love to her. This is a rather interesting Movie with great fight scenes. Comment: Even if the movies was way back 2004....I cried in the ending...all I can say ayyyy love